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Look at Him, only at Him.

A letter from Jazmina to a girl who feels that she doesn’t have the strength to respond to her vocation.

carta anonimaGive Him your heart. Let yourself be loved.

 A letter from Jazmina to a girl who feels that she doesn’t have the strength to respond to her vocation.

Date: 11-10-2015

“When your heart isn’t burning with Love, many will die from the cold.”

Dear XXX,

I’m here at the camp looking at the beach.  I know you don’t like the beach, but, even though you don’t like it, everything that God has created is wonderful and it’s made me want to remind you: “Put out into the deep.”  Does this sound familiar?  I hope so.  It was the motto for one of the camps.  The Lord is good, very good and merciful.  Don’t ever doubt this.

Today I was thinking about what my life would be like if God hadn’t ever taken me to Himself.  I hope that you ask yourself the same question.  Meditate about it in the chapel.

Think about everything that God has given you up until now.  And you… have you given something in return?  XXX, it’s good to give the Lord all that He asks from us in every moment.  It’s also necessary for us to detach ourselves from the things that we know cause us harm.  I know that it’s difficult and hard for us to obey, but trust a lot in Sister (your spiritual guide) and everything she tells you to do.  Let yourself be helped, open your heart, be transparent with her and let yourself be led on a better path, the path that God has already showed you.

XXX, always call on our good Mother in the overwhelming, trying, and sad moments… Always go where She is.  I would like very much for you to decide once and for all to say yes, an unconditional yes that is forever.  But you have to strengthen yourself a lot.  The Lord wants to give you His grace.  You should receive it and thank the Lord for it.  Don’t look at yourself.  Forget about yourself.  Look at Him, only at Him.  I’m telling you the truth: “It’s worth it - yes.  Here you find what isn’t out there.”

Take courage, little one so loved by Jesus!

Give Him your heart.

Let yourself be loved.

Look at Him.

Only God is enough.

He’ll take care of your things…


I love you a lot.  Your sister, Jazmina, SHM

We’re waiting for you.  Don’t miss the opportunity!


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