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Jazmina and the Virgin Mary

Jazmina kisses the Virgin Mary's feet

Guadalupe Cedeno, Ecuador:  She always said that the one who safeguarded her vocation was the Virgin Mary.

Guadalupe Cedeno speaks about Jazmina’s love for the Virgin Mary. She also remembers how she spoke firmly to the girls when she gave them ideas for meditation. Guadalupe is a candidate in the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, and in God’s mercy, survived the earthquake in which Jazmina died.

Jazmina loved the Virgin Mary a lot. She loved her so much. I remember that when she wrote us little notes she used to say, “See you in Our Mother’s Heart.” That was one of the notes she left me: “See you in Our Mother’s Heart.” I hope we see each other soon!

There was a time in which she had distanced herself from the Lord and experienced the misery that comes from the world. I remember her joy when she discovered the marian shrine of El Cajas and entered as a candidate there. She used to say that it was a huge grace to see how the Virgin Mary had protected her. She always said that the one who safeguarded her vocation was the Virgin Mary. She repeated to the girls several times, “The Virgin Mary is great, she’s great.”

A Bible passage that she liked was the miraculous catch after the Resurrection, when the Lord asks Peter, “Do you love Me?” To her those words were very powerful.

I remember that the girls loved it when Jazmina gave them the ideas for meditation on Sundays when they came to the group, because she spoke firmly to them. The Lord enlightened her, and she spoke very firmly to the girls. She awakened them. She spoke about the Virgin Mary very often.


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