Wednesday, 22 November 2017 13:30

For a Priest

Carolina and Jazmina

Carolina Aveiga, Chone, Ecuador:  Laughing, she remembered that she had offered them to the Lord for that soul.

From Chone, Ecuador, Carolina Aveiga tells us a beautiful anecdote about how Jazmina overcame her vanity. It was some time before Jazmina’s entrance as a candidate, and she offered the act for the soul of a priest.

In 2014, Fr. Patricio Cedeno passed away. He had been our parish priest in Chone, Ecuador, for some time. Not long before that he had left our parish to go to a newer one in Portoviejo. They found him dead one morning because of a heart attack. It was a huge blow for us. Since death had surprised him so suddenly and he probably was not able to receive the Last Sacraments, the sisters encouraged us to make sacrifices so that he would go to heaven soon if he was not already there.

Jazmina used to be very vain with her nails, and at that time they were very long and cared for. Nonetheless, she did not hesitate to offer her nails, which she cared for as if they were a precious treasure, for the salvation of this priest’s soul. The Lord heard and accepted her sacrifice, because from that moment on, when she tried to take care of her nails, they broke. Laughing, she remembered that she had offered them to the Lord for that soul.


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