Sr. Clare cooking

Daniel Gonzalez Blanco, Toledo, Spain:   I can only give thanks to God for having allowed me to get to know Sister’s testimony.

hno carl papa francisco 800 390

Pope Francis listened attentively as Br. Carl explained what had happened in the earthquake.

Sr. Clare with a drum

Denis Benson:  She has left a profound impression of the love of Jesus and what is good with me.

Coca Cola with Sr. Clare's name

Gaby MezaI left running, got into the long line, and was able to get a bottle that said, “Clare SHM.”

cassie shaw 800 390

Cassie Shaw, USAI will pray for you every night.

chiloeches 800x390

Mary Carmen Chiloeches, Spain:  I prayed, asking her that it would not be cancer and for her to help me.

anny 800x390

Anny, Mexico:  I would like to share the joyful news that in a month I am going to enter with the sisters and fulfill my great dream of consecrated my life to God.

romina 800x390

Romina Gonzalez, Chile:  It revives my soul to think how great God is and the miracles He works through those who bear Him in their souls.

carolina sueno

Carolina Aveiga, EcuadorAfter that dream I feel Sr. Clare a lot closer. I feel that she intercedes for me and that is very good to know.

La hna. Clare en Puyo

Cynthia Bassi, UruguayWe were missing the most important thing. We needed to SPEND OUR LIFE IN CHRIST'S SERVICE! This is what we have been called to do from all eternity!

hna. Clare cantando

Sr. Kristin Maria Tenreiro, SHM:  Steven began to intensify his prayers, asking God to grant him and his wife the grace to be able to have another child through Sr. Clare's intercession.

hna. Clare cantando con niño

Ada Navarro:  God has allowed his daughter Clare, a living example of His mercy, to teach the world that the true meaning of life and what really fills your soul is giving your life to Him.

Oleada de gracias

Sr. Maria Moro, Spain:  She gave her life, and the result of that self-surrender are numerous graces of conversions, growing closer to Our Lord, and true joy.

hna. Clare sentada en la camioneta

Carmen AustePhilippines:  When I arrived at the airport, I noticed that the swelling in the inner lid of my right eye had considerably minimized, and the sty seemed to have disappeared.

paloma viaje misionero 2013 800 390

Paloma Aguado, Spain:  When I found out about the earthquake and that they had died, I experienced a profound peace and joy. I think it was because I knew that they had arrived at the goal we are all called to: Heaven.

Carol Toner

Carol Toner, Ireland:  Because of her example, when Our Lord asks me "What did you do with your life?" I can say, “I spent it loving YOU.”

h clare con familia 800 390

Bishop Kevin Doran, Ireland:  She probably didn’t plan to die for Jesus; she intended to live for Him. So what does that say about her decision?

h clare con nina 800 390

Andrea Rondon, Colombia:  Although I never met her in person, she knows me... I feel like I have a friend in Heaven.

laura clare maria 800 390

Laura Stinnet, USA: When they told us that it was a girl, I had a great desire to call her Clare.

2005h clare 800 390ok

Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe:  Thank you, Sr. Clare. If it weren’t for you on that night in which you came into my life, I would not have the impulse and the strength that I feel in my consecrated life.

h clare mayra800 390

Andres:  I am writing because I had the opportunity to learn about Sr. Clare’s story on your webpage. I would like to ask you for a very special favor.

h clare candidata helado800 390

Teresa:  Hopefully I can be as brave as Sr. Clare one day and “make that leap of faith knowing that God is there to catch you and protect you.”

h kelly h clare 800 390

Sr. Kelly Maria Pezo USASr. Clare was waiting for the right moment to send me that “heavenly message.”

h clare guitarra sonrisa grande800 390

Mercedes Hurtado:  Yesterday, I met you. My name is Mercedes Hurtado Dominguez, and I am the director of the music group “Borkis,” whose songs you used to sing.

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