Sr. Beatriz Liano, SHM:  After receiving news of her death, it was as if the Lord asked us to join the song, repeating our "amen" that accepts God's will wholeheartedly.

La hna. Clare durante una peregrinación

Ruairi, Northern Ireland:  I am really thankful that your love for her is still being made known.

annie2 800

Annie Semega, Ohio:  Not a day goes by without my thinking of Sr. Clare in gratitude for her intercession.


Annie Semega, Ohio:  Greetings, fellow Christians! It is with great joy and wonder that I am writing of a miraculous favor from Our Lord.

La hna. Clare y la hna. Sara Mª

Sr. Kelly Maria, SHM, Spain:  It's the receipt from the purchase Sr. Clare and Sr. Thérèse made on April 12, 2016.


Laura Stinnet, USA:  I heard over and over again in my head the words from the video "In Memory of Sr. Clare."

Sr. Clare singing at El Cajas

Sr. Beatriz Liano, SHM, Spain:  Sr. Clare's heart was full of gratitude for all that they had received at the feet of the Guardian of the Faith. She found no other way to express it than to begin singing her heart out.

Mons. Charles Brown

Msgr. Charles Brown:  She was changed by that Faith. And made her radiant and beautiful. Made her someone that all of us can consider an example to be followed.

Benedetta and Matteo Giacomelli

Benedetta Giacomelli, Lumezzane, Italy: Thanks, hermana! I love you!

Hna. Clare tocando la guitarra con otra hermana

Isaac Garcia Cebrian, Spain:  Now she is cloud soaring and God has registered her in the true Country, writing her name in the Book of Life.

sola con el Solo

Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM, Spain:  Although there were always children, young people, and adults seeking her company, Sr. Clare managed, in the deepest recesses of her heart, to live  “Alone with the Alone.”


Claudia, Peru:  I believe that the Lord uses different means to bring us closer to Him so we can do His will.


Sr. Kelai Reno, USA:  When I used to go with Sr. Clare, she was the one who carried the weight of the conversation and created a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere for the sick.

Hna. Clare con chicas

Carol Toner, Northern Ireland:  Sr. Clare was amazing and so inspiring and leaves behind an example of unconditional love for Christ!

Hna. Clare con chicas

Hermenegildo Sillero, Spain: I began to think about all the good things that would come out of her death, the plans that God might have in store, and the reason He had taken a soul that was so gifted.


Sr. Maria Tatiana del Niño Jesus, O.S.C., UruguayYou cannot imagine how much she has helped me! Since the day I started watching your videos, I live my vocation differently.


Borja, Spain: If today my desire is to become a holy priest tomorrow, I owe it in part to Sr. Clare's intercession.


Cynthia Bassi, SpainNot only did the metastasis of a confirmed cancer disappear, but she recovered true life. Glory to God!

Ana Isabel

Ana Isabel, Madrid (Spain): If the baby was a girl, Miguel would have been called “Clara,” but since he was a boy, I couldn’t call him “Claro.”  In spite of the fact, Miguel bears her mark.


Maria del Carmen Chimeno Blanco, Valencia, SpainI am sure that through Sr. Clare’s intercession my daughter returned home.

David Cruz

David Cruz, SpainDespite my mother’s fatal illness, she lived long enough to receive the Anointing of the Sick in a completely conscious state, and I was able to visit with her for three hours. I truly feel that this was a grace received through Sr. Clare.

Katie Branson

Michelle Branson, USA My daughter Katie suffered an anoxic brain injury at age 10. I am praying to Sister Clare to please intercede for me before Our Lord, that Katie will talk again.

catalina sastre

Catalina Sastre, Spain:  I received huge graces from Our Lord the first time I saw the video of Sr. Clare's testimony during World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. 

Sr. Clare cooking

Daniel Gonzalez Blanco, Toledo, Spain:   I can only give thanks to God for having allowed me to get to know Sister’s testimony.

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