Sr. Clare Singing

RubénMy niece Karime is well today, thanks be to God and Sr. Clare Crockett.

Sr. Clare playing the guitar

Carl:  I am converting to Catholicism partly because of Sister Clare Crockett.

Sr. Clare in a van

Sister Chiara Cecilia:  I prayed to this Spouse of Jesus, and a huge light of grace entered me explosively and drove out all of the darkness in me.

Duo Santa Cecilia

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

Sr. Clare in Ecuador

We want to show the influence of Sr. Clare’s testimony on someone who, through her religious formation, is not in favor of anything Catholic and much less religious life in the Catholic Church.

Sr. Eva Luz

Sr. Eva Luz González I know that Sr. Clare has already begun her mission here on earth, especially by reminding each consecrated soul that God alone suffices, and that we must dedicate ourselves to Him with all of the strength of our heart.

Marjorie González

Marjorie González Jirón:  Sr. Clare's testimony made me remember from where God had rescued me and that I am here for a big mission. Her death saved my life.

Mally López

Mally López:  Here is a drawing I did of the “Famous Nun.” The background of the scene is Our Lady's cloak.

Mónica Martínez

Monica Martínez composed this song in an intent to express the spiritual benefit she received from Sr. Clare’s testimony.

Sr. Clare at the School in Playa Prieta

Sor Raquel Coss:  Frankly, I have been doing very badly these days on a spiritual level. Finding myself before her life and her story is like a fresh rain in a desert: my desert. She encourages me. God spoke to me through her—I know it.

Sr. Clare Laughing

Fernando Ansatuña:  From when I saw the documentary about Sr. Clare, my spirit has been stirred to take another step beyond what I was used to. That is, not only praying for my loved ones, but also for those who do not know God.

Sr. Clare in the Mountains

Carmen Pérez, Spain Sr. Clare’s story helped me a lot at a decisive moment. I saw All or Nothing just a few days before doing a vocational experience at a convent.


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