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Mamen Preciado, Spain:  Really, nothing is impossible when men and women synchronize with God's will and desires.


Lis Iglesia: It has encouraged me to continue fighting for that soul.


Karolina Vera, Playa Prieta, Ecuador:  Seeing the life of Sr. Clare gives me a lot of hope, because it makes me think that, even though I have lived very badly, it’s truly possible to return to God.

mi corazon ardia800

Sr Virginio Mwasu, Tanzania: I hope that after watching this film, I may be somebody else.

no dejo indiferente a nadie

“Youth in the Heart of Christ through Mary,” Castellon, Spain: It makes you want to do something, to not just stay still, to find out what the Lord wants for you.

La. Hna. Clare entre hojas

Caitlin McKenna: We visited EWTN last winter and that is when it started. It was the spark.

Hna. Clare rezando

Adriana de los Angeles, Peru:  Every time I think about Sr. Clare I can’t help but think how happy God must have been to have her here among us.

Hna. Clare en un campamento

Virginia Cabrera, Guayaquil, Ecuador:  Another grace that the Lord gave me is to always try to give Him more and more in the smallest things, like Sr. Clare did.

mi madrina celestial800

Br. Juan Diego de Jesus, O.P., Argentina: I want my life to be like Sr. Clare’s: all or nothing. I want everything to be for my Lord and nothing for me; everything for my brethren and nothing for me here in this world.

Sr. Clare and Cinthia

Cinthia Celeste Garnica, Mexico:  Thank you, because you continue bringing souls to Jesus. And thank you because every day you are helping me to say “YES” to the call.

Hna. Clare

María Isabel Orantes Manrique, Guatemala:  In the end, I prayed to Sr. Clare and told her that I cared for her a great deal, and asked if she could be my protector.

le pido la gracia800

María Jiménez, Spain:   My hope is that she may intercede for me before Our Lord.

un modelo800

Alexander Reyes:  I hope that everyone could know her and feel the inspiration and the excitement that I have to be better every time I hear and see her.

me llamaron para una entrev

Paulina Espinosa, Ecuador:  The story had touched our hearts in a special way, since she died by giving love until the end.


Kaylene Mongeau, USA:  I wish to let you know I began a novena to Sister Clare imploring the healing of my daughter Brandi, who is suffering from chronic severe pain in her pelvic region.

Sr. Clare

JBN:  Thanks to Sr. Clare’s intercession, my father went through his throat cancer treatment well.

Ecuador's New Catechism Book

This series of catechism books has the approval of the Ecuadorian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Education and Culture.

cuaderno hna clare800

Sr. Clare's notebook of classes. It got wet from the water that spilled out of the tanks that were located on the terrace and has become covered in mold, but here you have it.


Sr. Grace Silao, SHMThe notes Sr. Clare took, probably in 2007, to learn how to use iMovie, a popular application that allows users to edit their own movies.


Virginia (Uruguay) I was about to speak harshly to her… but I spoke with such kindness that it surprised me. I thought: “It was Sr. Clare. She taught me about charity.”

Hna. Anna Riordan, SHM

Sr. Anna Riordan, SHMSr. Clare had done the miracle. The miracle was the victory of LIFE and the victory of GRACE in his soul.

kevin curacion

Sr. Sara Maria Jimenez, SHM:  I went to the hospital to visit and bring him the picture of Sr. Clare. I put it next to his head. The doctors informed us of his situation, and there were little hopes. If he was going to survive, he would be in a deplorable state of suffering.

La contraportada del cancionero de los Siervos

When the chaplain of the Holy Week Encounter thanked the sisters for their help with the music during the Services at the school, Sr. Clare answered, “All for the glory of God.”

Angélica Bustos

Angelica Bustos, Chile:  Many thanks to Sr. Clare who, even though I never met her, completely changed my life after her departure.

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