Sr. Clare

Adrián Begglo:  Learning Sr. Clare’s story has made me reconsider the way I am leading my life.

H Clare

Sr. Rose-Constance, O.S.B.:  Seeing that she was very pretty, and also because my baptismal name is Clare, I said, “Sr. Clare, help me be a religious sister!”

Sr. Guadalupe, SSVM

Sr. Guadalupe Rodrigo, SSVM:  I ask you to pray for me and for all Nazarenes so that we give our life for this cause with the spirit of martyrdom!

Sr. Clare

Luis:  Sr. Clare touched my heart and made me turn back to Him to the point that the next day I woke up early to go to Confession. 

De Cielo

Nicolas and Maira:  We wanted to share a drawing on our Instagram account that we did of Sr. Clare..

Walter Ilustra

Walter Gómez:  I have recently made a picture of Sr. Clare with a quote from her conversion encounter with the Lord. 

Sr. Clare

Luzneida:  I would like to share a testimony so that you all may join in giving thanks with me. Last summer was full of worries, but today I can say that it was an immense blessing.

Sr. Clare

Br. Mirko Stefani:  Sr. Clare’s life is a witness of Christ’s light and that his Word is the only One that calls to the truth of our existence.

H Clare

C. Giovanni, CP:  I was just with 30 young people for three days talking about Sr. Clare Crockett. They have truly been days of great grace!

Sr. Clare

Luzneida:  On January 7, 2020, at 4:35 am while we were asleep, a strong earthquake shook Puerto Rico. We felt it on every part of the island. I immediately asked Sr. Clare to protect all families.

Sr. Clare

Katrine:  Please join us in praying over the next 6 months that our baby Clare Marie will be born healthy, happy, holy and strong through Sr. Clare’s intercession and Our Blessed Mother.

Servant Brothers

Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother:  The video of Sister Clare has one million views in Spanish and only half a million in English, but I sometimes get the impression that I am on the path to meeting all half a million one at a time.


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