Julia McCambridge, EEUU:

juliamccambridgeI am writing to share with you a tribute that was recently published on Gloria T.V..

Sr. Gabriela SAS, Austria:

hna gabriela sasShe helped me: Thank you, Sr. Clare!

Mary, United States:

painting"This is the painting of Sr. Clare and the other deceased candidates I was hoping to give to the Home of the Mother if you wanted it. "

Cristina Pinargote, Ecuador:

mariejose delmas"During the last few months, I have had the grace of sharing many moments with Sister Clare and the girls."

Mónica Margarita Cadena Cedeño, Ecuador:

margarita cedenoI do remember Sr. Clare singing and playing the guitar in a Mass here and I remember the joy she radiated to all around her. 

Inmaculada Ramis:

escritos2"I’ve seen the videos of Sr. Clare, and they make whoever watches them want to give a bigger “Yes” to the Lord."

Mabell, Ecuador:

mabell"Sister Clare! My little Gael’s joy, the light in his eyes!"

Maríe-José Delmas, France:

mariejose delmas"Although it is a very painful loss, and more so when it’s six young people, it is a blessing from God that you have six Sisters in heaven."


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