Kary Rojas, Colombia:

Kary Rojas 2 I understand that she can do so much for everyone from Heaven, and although I never saw her in person, I know that she is interceding for me.

Maritza Vélez:

hnaclareycatalinaPlease, keep praying and asking, through the intercession of our sisters in heaven, that he continues to recover.

Mercedes Caboblanco:

mercedesNews about Sister Clare starts to come to me many different sources. I finally decided to stop and try to find out what had happened to her, who she was, and what was “the big deal” with this Sister.

Elena Guss, Italy:

elena gussKnowing one of you is like knowing you all.

Camila Andrea, Colombia:

camila andreaHer testimony has motivated us to continue giving everything for Christ.

Juan Antonio Lozano, Spain:

hna clare What most impressed me was the fact that I couldn't make out the least bit of doubt in her. On the contrary, she had so much peace and was full of joy, which was, without a doubt, what most characterized her.

Sr. Dana Becker, USA:

hna danaSr. Dana Becker spent time with Sr. Clare in 2011 for WYD in Madrid before entering as a Servant Sister.

Kary Rojas, Colombia:

kary rojasI speak to her and I ask for her intercession so that the Lord give me light and guide me so that I may spread [this message], just like she did.

Ligia Roxana Mendoza Zambrano, Ecuador:

ligiaWhen Sr. Clare said goodbye to Enrique, she said with certainty, “You’ll see, Our Lady will fix all your problems

Karolina Vera, Ecuador:

karolina veraI knew Sr. Clare and the five candidates very well. I spent time with them almost every day. I was with them up until the last moment. I was even with them five minutes before the earthquake hit.

Ero Perales Mut, Spain:

ero peralesI don’t know how else to thank Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother for the graces that are arriving from Heaven.

Sister Chris Hegarty, Ireland:

sister chris hagertyI am convinced that God will bring many graces through this terrible suffering.


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