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Carlos Ivan Torres Leon, Ecuador: "Sr. Clare’s fame reaches the first cover of the Sunday bulletin."

Hermana Clare con chicas

Giulia Sciutto, USA: “Be comforted, little one! In Heaven everything will no longer look black, but dazzling white.”

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Maria Jesus Jimenez, Spain:  All I can do is thank the Lord for so much good. I firmly trust that she is already with Him.

victoria largo

Vitoria Vasconcelos, Brazil: I observed her way of talking, so fun and joyful, and how she drew the gaze and attention of the children.

hnaclare hnameganm

Sr. Megan Murray, USA: Her presence was so real… More real than when she was still alive.

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Mari Carmen: All of this would lead to something better.

kathy weedongrande

Kathy Weedon, USA: My husband and I prayed to Sister Clare that my tests would go well.

h clare hoja

Jose Francisco Diaz, Peru:  If everything with the earthquake happened, it’s for a reason.

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Ero Perales, Spain: I did not know that Sr. Clare was already becoming a “famous nun.”

regina medinagrande

Regina Medina: Although I never met her in person, she is influencing my life and drawing me closer to God.


Tania Galarza, Ecuador:  I never stopped asking Sr. Clare for my son to be cured.

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Br. Greggy Espejon, SHM:  I told Miriam to pray to Valeria with faith and she would surely help us...


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