Sr. Clare

It turns out that Sr. Clare and I shared a hobby: she wanted to be a famous Hollywood actress and I wanted to be a famous Broadway actress. However, something in our path that caused both of us to move away from that world: Christ.


Gretel D' Souza:  When I read about how dearly Sr. Clare loved Our Blessed Mother, I was surprised as I had never heard about anybody loving Her so much.


Sister Clare's film has reached Zulia (Venezuela) and an apostolic group there has felt identified in such a way with the testimony of our sister that they wanted to name their group after her.

Michael and Javier

From Peru and El Salvador, we share two songs dedicated to Sister Clare.


Niamh Palmer The book has challenged me so much. It has shown me the dangers of mediocrity and superficiality!!


Sandra Rueda:  Definitely in Sr. Kristen’s life and in Sr. Clare’s life I can see that God takes our desires when we give them up. He overflows in generosity and fulfills our desires in a way that we cannot even imagine, and this gives true joy to our hearts.


Michelle Sampilo:  It took me only 2 days to finish all 426 pages (25 chapters). How fast is that? If I were not working, I would probably have finished the book in a day.

H Clare con hermanas

Celia Castro:  I told Sr. Clare, “If you intercede for him and he gets better, I promise to write your congregation to tell them about your achievement.”

Sr. Clare

Lola:  She was the forerunner to my true knowledge of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sr. Clare

Juan Enrique:  They operated on my wife, who had a stroke with serious cerebral bleeding, this afternoon and the neurosurgeon told us it was a success.

Sr. Clare

Juan Enrique:  My wife had a stroke due to high blood pressure. A vein burst, and there was a lot of bleeding... The doctor told us that we should prepare for the worst. In my prayers I began to ask for Sister Clare's intercession and since then, sparks of hope have begun to come forth.

Sr. Clare and companions

Lorena:  I asked Jesus, Sr. Clare, Mayra, Maria Augusta, Valeria, Jazmina, and Catalina to accompany us and help us remain in God’s hands and to trust in Jesus alone to give hope.


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