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Laura Stinnet, USA: When they told us that it was a girl, I had a great desire to call her Clare.

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Sr. Magdalena Guadalupe:  Thank you, Sr. Clare. If it weren’t for you on that night in which you came into my life, I would not have the impulse and the strength that I feel in my consecrated life.

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Andres:  I am writing because I had the opportunity to learn about Sr. Clare’s story on your webpage. I would like to ask you for a very special favor.

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Teresa:  Hopefully I can be as brave as Sr. Clare one day and “make that leap of faith knowing that God is there to catch you and protect you.”

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Sr. Kelly Maria Pezo USASr. Clare was waiting for the right moment to send me that “heavenly message.”

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Mercedes Hurtado:  Yesterday, I met you. My name is Mercedes Hurtado Dominguez, and I am the director of the music group “Borkis,” whose songs you used to sing.

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Sr. Megan Maria, USA: The CAT Scan results revealed that the situation had surprisingly improved. My parents attribute it to prayers and to Sr. Clare.

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Sr. Caroline Guarno:  Her cheerful and spontaneous character fostered a trustful environment that helped me to start thinking more about others than myself.

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Eva Ghisletti, Italy:  When I would have to make some small sacrifice that was hard for me to do, I would read Sr. Clare’s article about the lollipops.

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Carlos Ivan Torres Leon, Ecuador: "Sr. Clare’s fame reaches the first cover of the Sunday bulletin."

Hermana Clare con chicas

Giulia Sciutto, USA: “Be comforted, little one! In Heaven everything will no longer look black, but dazzling white.”

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Maria Jesus Jimenez, Spain:  All I can do is thank the Lord for so much good. I firmly trust that she is already with Him.


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