Adrían Santos Gilardi Everything started and revived with the contact, testimony and life of Sr. Clare Crockett.

Adrían Santos Gilardi writes from Argentina to tell how the film about Sr. Clare changed his life and helped him make the decision to enter the seminary to follow his priestly vocation.

Everything started one Sunday in June 2019. I was preparing a talk for youth who attend San Juan Bosco chapel in Dolavon, and I stumbled upon the extraordinary life of dear Sr. Clare.

I was looking for saint movies on YouTube to complement the topics I was going to speak about the following Saturday. YouTube suggested a video called, “All or Nothing.” I remember ignoring it in my two searches for young saints. On the third search—I don’t know why, but—I decided to watch a little. I had a preconception that it would be boring and not appealing to young people. To my surprise, it was going to be decisive to get back on the path I had abandoned.

As the minutes went by, Sr. Clare’s dedication and joy had a growing impact on me. More than halfway through it says that she passed away when she was 33, the same age as Our Lord Jesus Christ and the same age as me at the time. I was so shocked by the fact that interiorly—without hearing a voice or anything extraordinary, but very real—I felt that I was asked, “Adrián, what are you doing with your life? What would happen if God called you today at your 33 years of age? What could you offer Him?” And I really didn’t have anything but disordered desires, leaving God in third or fourth place in my life.

AdriánAt that moment I got a call from work. It was my manager. He wanted to introduce me to some people, so I stopped the video. Those questions kept going around inside of me. I felt that Jesus was searching for me through the beautiful example of Sr. Clare.

I went home and finished watching the film about Sr. Clare with the firm determination to follow the Lord Jesus wherever He would call me, however it would be. I was totally surrendered like Sr. Clare. But the next day everything I had experienced seemed like it was my imagination. So inside I said “no” to the Lord again because my desires and interests were in material things.

The previous event occurred around June 2019, but in October I longer felt good about myself. I was empty inside, and every day that emptiness grew. A moment arrived when I couldn’t take it anymore and I spoke with Fr. Ricardo. After hearing my confession, I told him that maybe I should enter the seminary. When I said that, I experienced a sense of relief and peace that I have never experienced before. The fact is that everything started and revived with the contact, testimony and life of Sr. Clare Crockett.


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