Sister Clare's film has reached Zulia (Venezuela) and an apostolic group there has felt identified in such a way with the testimony of our sister that they wanted to name their group after her.

About two months ago, several brothers and sisters from the Immaculate Conception Church in Quisiro, Zulia State, learned about Sister Clare's life through the documentary, All or Nothing. We laughed at her jokes, we identified with her service, and, without knowing her in person we mourned her death, but at the same time we were filled with faith and hope that soon her soul will be glorified in the presence of the Lord. We form an apostolate group of seven people. In this group we visit the sick and bring them communion with a minister authorized by our bishop and pastor, we give advice and support to the different apostolate groups of our church, we give apologetics workshops (since in our community the Catholic Church is brutally attacked) we give First Communion classes and we give any kind of religious service that is asked of us. But we didn't officially have a name. After watching the documentary, feeling identified and doing in-depth research on Sister Clare, we decided to baptize our apostolate group as CLAREANOS.  Our goal is always to serve...


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