Michael and Javier

From Peru and El Salvador, we share two songs dedicated to Sister Clare.

From Peru

Listening to the story of the conversion of Sister Clare Crockett, I was inspired to compose a song about how our plans are not ours, but God's. Just listen to it and let it in.

"All or Nothing" for God— always everything!!! I hope you like it!!!

Michael Monroy

From El Salvador

I met Sister Clare this 2020 in the midst of lockdown through the documentary All or Nothing. I felt identified with her immediately, because when I was younger I also wanted to be a famous musician. I had been away from God for a long time and the impact that the documentary had on me was that, even though I had already returned to the ways of the Lord, I reconsidered the vocation to the priesthood. With guidance, I discerned that my call is to marriage. However, Sr. Clare has left me with a deep sense of Christian commitment: that radicalism we have been called to.

Such has been the impact that knowing her (so to speak) has left on me that I now see and consider her as my older sister who counsels and guides me, laughs with me at times while I read the book Alone with Christ Alone. I deeply believe that the communion of saints is real, and in a way I am very convinced of her presence in Heaven, even though it is not "official" in the Church yet.

Listening to her songs, I discovered what God really asks of us artists: humility, giving glory to Him and go unnoticed, singing with our heart and not just our voice. As Sister used to say: "If you are not in a state of grace, then you are worthless no matter how beautifully you can sing."

Here's a little song I composed for her:

All glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ!
Exalted be Our Lady the Virgin Mary!
Long live Sr. Clare and the Home of the Mother!

Warm greetings from El Salvador,



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