Sr. Clare Singing

RubénMy niece Karime is well today, thanks be to God and Sr. Clare Crockett.

Ruben writes from Mexico to tell about a grace he attributes to Sr. Clare's intercession.

This May my niece, Karime, accidentally fell off the roof terrace, about thirteen feet high. She fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital to be cared for, but she did not react to the treatment. The doctors did not know why, but she remained unconscious for three hours. They did tests to find the cause, but to no avail. When I heard all this, I remembered Sr. Clare and said a prayer like this:

"Sr. Clare Crockett, you love the youth. I pray to you for Karime who fell off the roof terrace and will not wake up. Help her get better, through Jesus Christ Our Lord."

I prayed an Our Father, and when I said Amen the phone rang. It was my wife calling to tell me that my niece had just woken up and was responding to the treatments, although she was in a lot of pain. I thanked God and Sr. Clare Crockett.

Later, after a light treatment, my niece Karime got better. Today she is well.

Thanks a million for spreading the video All or Nothing. I feel Sr. Clare very close to me. When I walk down the street, I think about her. Thank you.


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