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Sister Chiara Cecilia:  I prayed to this Spouse of Jesus, and a huge light of grace entered me explosively and drove out all of the darkness in me.

Sister Chiara Cecilia is a Poor Clare in Genova, Italy, and describes the day she saw the documentary about Sr. Clare—All or Nothing—as the day of her conversion. She is another one of the many religious sisters and consecrated souls who have received a new impulse toward holiness from Sr. Clare.

My name is Sr. Chiara Cecilia and I am a Poor Clare who lives in Genova. I am writing to share my testimony regarding Sr. Clare.

In community we have a tradition: on the vigil of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, after we sing the Te Deum, we draw our protector saint for the year. I received St. Brigid. The day St. Brigid’s liturgical feast is celebrated, I was in bed, immersed in pain that my chronic and degenerative illness gives me almost daily for years now. I was going through a great darkness of spirit and my only true prayer was, “Today, too, I say yes, Jesus, in spite of everything.” Being there for Him was what I could do, nothing more. That day—July 23rd—I came across the documentary film about Sr. Clare on the internet in Italian and started to watch it. From the moment I started watching it and immediately afterwards, I prayed to this Spouse of Jesus. A huge light of grace entered me explosively and drove out all of the darkness in me—all or nothing! I did not receive a simple light to continue my path, but a true flood of light. ALL of me was in the light! I knew—and know— that on the feast of my protector saint for the year, I came to know Sr. Clare as a gift, and my consecrated life has been transformed. I would call it “The day of my conversion.”

Now, every day I pray to Sr. Clare so that she may be my traveling companion on my way toward the eternal joy that I know is waiting for me in Heaven!

Thank you for letting me get to know her through these means, and thanks be to God for the gift of Sr. Clare!!

In God,

Sister Chiara Cecilia


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