Duo Santa Cecilia

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

Montserrat Miranda y Andrea Fernández make up “Dúo Santa Cecilia” (St. Cecilia Duo) and for the past five years have been putting their musical talents at the service of the parishes that need them. This past April 18, 2019, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in San José, Costa Rica, Mass was offered for the eternal rest of Sr. Clare. In her honor they sang this version of Prefiero el Paraíso (I Prefer Paradise).

My name is Andrea Fernández, and along with my friend Montserrat Miranda, we make up the “St. Cecilia Duo.” We are from Costa Rica and we sing Catholic music. 

We saw the documentary on Sr. Clare as soon as it came out, and it deeply touched us. Now that she has become so close to our families, this upcoming Holy Tuesday, we want to pay a tribute to her on the third anniversary of her death. We will be singing at the 18:00 Mass, and along with her, we will sing our version of “I Prefer Paradise.”

God bless you for letting us get to know such a great person.


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