Marjorie González

Marjorie González Jirón:  Sr. Clare's testimony made me remember from where God had rescued me and that I am here for a big mission. Her death saved my life.

Marjorie is an architect married to Elliot, a computer engineer. They are from Nicaragua and have two little children. Due to their country’s unsteady sociopolitical situation and a difficult family issue, Marjorie found herself on the verge of committing suicide. Yet the night she discovered Sr. Clare’s story she felt freed from the despair she was going through. Marjorie wrote us immediately to tell us what happened. When she gave us permission to publish her words, she explained:

“I wrote you that very day because I felt like a miracle had taken place. This story must be shared so that it may help many other lives. Infinite thanks to God for your congregation, for all of the sisters and for Sr. Clare’s life, who have turned my gaze to God again.

My name is Marjorie, I live in Nicaragua and am 38 years old. I am married and have two children: a four-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy. To tell you my story, I would need to sit down and write with a lot of time at my disposal. I will explain a bit about the situation I am going through.

I am currently unemployed in economic crisis. My country is in sociopolitical upheaval at present. My husband was fatally injured five months ago, and because of the economic situation we could not rent a house, which is why I live with my mother. She does not accept my husband, so for almost a year, my husband has been living with his family. Thus, besides being physically separated, we are going through many difficulties and have scarce resources.

Marjorie González

This submerged me into a huge depression. The devil made me doubt God’s love. Today, I told my husband that I dreamed of a religious sister who said, “Love in everything.” By the sentence I thought that it was Mother Teresa of Calcutta, but this evening I realize—because of the religious habit—that it was not her, rather Sr. Clare.

Immersed in my sadness and crying out to God to get me out of that state, I came across the video of sister telling her story at Madrid during World Youth Day 2011, which I attended. Her testimony made me remember from where God had rescued me and that I am here for a big mission. Later, I watched the video of her perpetual vows. When the priest said her quote: “Alone with the Alone,” while he said it to her, I felt that he said it to me, too. Lastly, I found out about sister’s death, which saved my life, like many other have experienced.

Jesus Christ, through Sr. Clare, prevented me from thinking about committing suicide. God is great, and through this story He has loved me. All graces and glory belong to Him.


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