Juan Gregorio's illustrations

Juan Gregorio Hauciartz “I entrust myself to Sr. Clare so that she may intercede for me before Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Santiago and Júlia

Santiago Matallana:  Something told me that it was her, Sr. Clare, to whom I had to turn to in order to finish filling that mysterious chalice of prayer that was being filled to manage to take the step of commitment with my girlfriend.


Matías Colombres:  "I was really impressed by her personality, her joy, her dedication to God. How fortunate are those who had the joy of meeting her in person.”

Sr. Clare

We are all very thankful to God and to Sr. Clare for this huge answer to prayer.

Cross stitch

We received a message from Doverlândia, Brazil, with this song to Sr. Clare and a handmade picture of Sr. Clare as a candidate in cross stitch.

Margaret Edozie and friends

Margaret Edozie:  We encountered the life of Sr. Clare Crockett through her documentary. We were all struck by the joy that radiated from her and the love by which she offered herself completely to God, and we have now taken her as a model of our household.

Sr. Clare playing

Sr. Clare has had a profound influence on my life in these past few weeks, in a way that no other "saint" has. I have adopted her two mottos. I am giving myself more to time with Christ alone in the tabernacle and am consoled by his presence. Prayer has regained its priority in my life.

Sr. Clare singing with a young boy

Sr. Beatriz Liaño Ask Jesus to make this family's faith in Him, their gratitude and love for Him grow, and that this little spot may not be a tumor. Ask Him for the girl to be healed completely.

Sr. Clare singing

Scarleth Beltrán:  I felt as if Sr. Clare was telling me, "I got out of the muck. You can too." And that's how the story of my conversion began with a documentary.

Sr. Clare

Miguel Urbano sent this simple poem dedicated to Sr. Clare, “to whom I am humbly devoted and who is the mediator in my prayers to the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Sr. Clare

I am more than determined to give my life to God our Lord, to live each day in His presence and fully disposed to His will, and as Sr. Clare said, it’s "All or nothing!"

Sr. Clare

It is no coincidence that I've seen her movie at the very moment I asked God to send me some help, “show me a miracle”—anything that would pull me out of my own despair.


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