Sr. Clare singing

Scarleth Beltrán:  I felt as if Sr. Clare was telling me, "I got out of the muck. You can too." And that's how the story of my conversion began with a documentary.

Sr. Clare

Miguel Urbano sent this simple poem dedicated to Sr. Clare, “to whom I am humbly devoted and who is the mediator in my prayers to the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Sr. Clare

I am more than determined to give my life to God our Lord, to live each day in His presence and fully disposed to His will, and as Sr. Clare said, it’s "All or nothing!"

Sr. Clare

It is no coincidence that I've seen her movie at the very moment I asked God to send me some help, “show me a miracle”—anything that would pull me out of my own despair.

Sr. Clare and Sr. Paqui

Carl Musozya A sinner, with imperfections just like me, was able to leave it all behind to follow the Lord. How did Fr. Rafael even see the light of Christ in her? It was during this period that I started looking into the Catholic Church.

Sr. Clare

Michael Laugeman:  It’s astounding to walk through the hallways now and to see images of Sr. Clare on the guys’ bulletin boards and in their rooms in order to remind them of the ways in which she has inspired them.


Adrían Santos Gilardi Everything started and revived with the contact, testimony and life of Sr. Clare Crockett.

Juan Morales Montero

Juan Morales Montero, a Catholic songwriter from Ecuador, dedicated a song to Sr. Clare. 

Sr. Clare

Michael O’Connell:  I was thinking about her today and of those who commit their lives to Jesus and these words came to mind. In some ways, this was my conversation with her today.

Sr. Clare

It turns out that Sr. Clare and I shared a hobby: she wanted to be a famous Hollywood actress and I wanted to be a famous Broadway actress. However, something in our path that caused both of us to move away from that world: Christ.


Gretel D' Souza:  When I read about how dearly Sr. Clare loved Our Blessed Mother, I was surprised as I had never heard about anybody loving Her so much.


Sister Clare's film has reached Zulia (Venezuela) and an apostolic group there has felt identified in such a way with the testimony of our sister that they wanted to name their group after her.


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