Sr. Clare in front of the Nativity Scene

Giving and doing good to others is such a blessing! Blessed be God! He is the One Who does everything.

This is an email the Sisters from the community of Jacksonville wrote to our communities of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in the first week of January in 2009. Although it is signed, “Your sisters in Jacksonville,” the style makes it evident that Sr. Clare wrote it, representing the community. We would like to share part of it with you.

Yes, family, yes, your Sisters from the town called Jacksonville are the ones writing. Sorry we haven’t written sooner. We have not forgotten about you; quite the contrary!

The people here are very generous. Everyone has given us Christmas cookies. 

We wanted to share them with you, but we don’t know how to send them via email.

H Clare con el Niño Jesús

On the 24th in the afternoon, after decorating the house, adoring sweet baby Jesus, eating dinner, and singing, we went to the parish for midnight Mass. At 11:15 the philharmonic orchestra started playing Christmas carols in church. The church was dark; only the Tabernacle and the nativity scene were lit up. After Fr. Fred blessed the nativity scene, the lights went on and Mass began. Everything was very beautiful and solemn. There was an air of peace/recollection and adoration before this very great mystery, this very small Child. God became man!

One day [during Christmas vacations] we also went to visit hospital patients and bring them Holy Communion… It was providential because the day we went, the lady who usually went to administer Communion could not go and the priest who also went was sick. So all of us went with the guitar and songbooks. When everyone saw us they were very happy. First, Ed and us sisters went into a patient’s room. We talked with the patient for a little while then the rest of the girls came in and we sang a Christmas song. Ed also took us to the intensive care unit. Not everyone could go in, so only Ed, Sr. Isabel and Sr. Clare went. We met a 32-year-old girl in coma connected to a breathing machine. She has a 13-year-old daughter. Her father was there praying for his daughter’s cure. She is an only child. Her dad was a man of faith, but you could tell he was suffering greatly… We prayed a decade of the Rosary there around her bed and entrusted her to the Virgin Mary. The other patients on that floor and their family members were very thankful that we went. For us it was a huge grace, too. Giving and doing good to others is such a blessing! Blessed be God! He is the One Who does everything.

We would like to leave you with a few words from our Holy Father [Benedict XVI]: “God’s glory is in the highest heavens, but his high state is now found in the stable – what was lowly has now become sublime. God’s glory is on the earth; it is the glory of humility and love. And even more: the glory of God is peace. Wherever he is, there is peace. He is present wherever human beings do not attempt, apart from him, and even violently, to turn earth into heaven. He is with those of watchful hearts; with the humble and those who meet him at the level of his own "height", the height of humility and love. To these people he gives his peace, so that through them, peace can enter this world.” May the Blessed Virgin Mary grant us a watchful and humble heart like Hers.

We love you soooooooo much. United in the Eucharist.

Your Sisters in Jacksonville.


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