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"What is your biggest fear? What makes you sad? What makes you happy?"

Sr. Clare gave this paper to a girl whom she guided spiritually so that she could answer sincerely, according to the state of her soul in that moment. Sister’s idea was to repeat the questions every once in a while to be able to evaluate the young woman’s spiritual growth and help her in it. It can be useful for all of us, or it could be useful for the young people whom we guide spiritually.


These are some questions that I want you to reflect on today in prayer. Every now and then I’ll give you the same questions and you can compare answers. This helps you to see how you’re changing, or not…

Answer based on how you are now.

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- Who/what is important to you? (In order of priorities)

What is your biggest fear?

What makes you sad?

What makes you happy?

What have been your 2 favorite moments in Jax so far? (Don’t answer superficially) 

Write a grace that God has given you since you’ve been here.


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