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We human beings are so pitiful, putting all our trust and hope in other persons when these people can easily fail us. Why don’t we have so much confidence in our Heavenly Father?

The following article, first published in the Home of the Mother magazine during the summer of 2002, was written by the young Clare Crockett herself only a year after entering as a candidate with the Servant Sisters. In the article, Clare reflects on trust in God and true hope. She herself had so many times placed her trust in other people and above all in herself, and had experienced in her own life that all of that had failed her—only God can truly sustain us at all times. For this reason, Clare wanted to share in this article what she had lived, in order to help others find their support and strength in God alone.

How many times we betray the trust of others! How quick we are to talk about what is happening in so-and-so’s life and how slow we are to change our own lives! How easy it is to do what we want and due to our ultra-sensitivity and pride how hard it is to accept when someone corrects us or tells us what to do! How many hours do we spend looking in the mirror and wondering if this green shirt goes with this new black skirt! Is my bald spot visible? Does my moustache look alright? And yet, how little importance we give to our soul and our interior state. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the people of today... My God, how imperfect we are!

Today we seem to live in the world of “Me.” Who has the best car? Me! Who has the most money? Me! Who has the best job? Me! Who is the most powerful? Me! Stop the madness!! How can we even think we are the least bit powerful? Who created the world? Who created your eyes? Who created the sun, the sky, your wife, your father? Who gave you life and who can take it away again? Not you, not me, but the Almighty Ruler of Heaven and Earth. We are nothing and can do nothing without Him!

How many times have you heard the phrase, “You can trust in me”? And how many times has your trust been abused? We human beings are so pitiful, putting all our trust and hope in other persons when these people can easily fail us. Why don’t we have so much confidence in our Heavenly Father? St. Teresa of Avila says: “He will never fail you, He will help you in all your troubles and you will find Him everywhere. Do you think it is a small thing to have such a Friend at your side?” But nevertheless, we “know better”; we prefer to trust in Miss X whom we’ve known now for almost two whole months.

How much trust we put in ourselves. We think we don’t need help, neither of man nor of God. Our exalted opinion of ourselves leads us to believe that we alone are capable of accomplishing all, and, of course, this thought comes from our old friend Mr. Pride. But alas, in the end what can the proud being show for his life? He ends up knowing nothing of real peace and happiness. St. Thomas Aquinas says: “The object of hope is eternal happiness.”

Clare“The object of hope is eternal happiness.” We cannot regard ourselves or other human beings as the primary cause of true happiness. St. Thomas continues: “Hope regards eternal happiness as its last end and the divine assistance as the first cause that leads to happiness.” Therefore, it is by having real hope and trust in God and not in ourselves that we will be truly content.

When I talk about trust, it has to be stressed that this trust and hope in God has to be reflected in our actions. There are people who have an excessive trust—or rather a mistaken trust—in Our Lord. Like me for example. At one stage in my life I used to think, “And so what if I get drunk and offend other people by my words and actions! God is good, He’ll forgive me, no problem, and my ticket to Heaven is still safe.” Now I laugh at this statement! The people who have this kind of trust in God think that they can do whatever they want and since God is so good and merciful, He will forgive them for everything and let them live the way they want. They believe in pardon without repentance and glory without merit. But we cannot expect to obtain the treasure of Heaven without meriting it with our actions.

Let us look at our good friends the saints, who wisely put all their trust in Him. St. Alphonsus Ligouri said: “He who trusts in himself is lost. He who trusts in God can do all things.” And how right he is! He, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Crucified One, Jesus Christ, our Friend, our Brother, our Father, is our firm support at all times, at any age, and in any situation. He wishes us “not to rest upon anything but His infinite goodness. Let us expect nothing except from Him and let us put our trust and our confidence in Him alone.”


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