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We must not set all our hopes and aspirations in the world and on quickly passing values of earthly attractions, things which could be here today and gone tomorrow.

In this HM Magazine article published in 2002, Clare shared with readers her new discovery: we are happy when we do God's will, because He always seeks our wellbeing. For many years, Clare had sought happiness where it could not be found: in fame, money, satisfying her desires, etc. All she found was emptiness. Later, when she understood that what she longed for is found in God—where she did not think to look before—she wanted all young people to discover this great truth like she did! She wanted everyone to respond to the Divine Beggar's call seeking our love.

Why Am I Not Happy?

Many people ask in these times ask themselves, “Why am I not happy?” The answer is that they are living their lives the way that they want and not the way God wants.  

Every one of us has a vocation, some to religious life, others to married life. It is the Lord who gives each one of us our vocation. It is He who chooses you, not you who chooses Him. The people who are unhappy, are unhappy because in their lives they choose what they want and they don’t think to ask the Lord what He desires from them. They follow their own path, the path of sin, the path that makes the soul suffer terribly, the path that goes in the very opposite direction to the path of Our Lord.

However, the Lord continues to seek their love, even when He finds the doors to their hearts locked shut. He stands like a poor beggar knocking. His tears of pain, desolation and anguish are for us. He has shown that the essence of love is donation, by giving his Body and Blood, his life, for us, for us human beings who can be so cruel, who turn our backs on Him, the Redeemer of the world, without any feelings of guilt or remorse.

The Heart of the Divine Beggar, bruised by our selfishness, continues to reach out and asks us: “Will you refuse to give Me your love? I love you, my child, eternally. Will you refuse Me your love?”

He wants us to have eternal life, He wants us to acknowledge that He is the Fountain of Mercy, the Forgiver of all sins. Our good Lord, even nailed to the Cross and crowned with thorns, cries out to his Father, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  We must recognize this Heavenly Beggar, Jesus Christ, Son of God, our Savior, and give Him and only Him all our love. We must offer everything to Him who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life.”


We must not set all our hopes and aspirations in the world and on quickly passing values of earthly attractions, things which could be here today and gone tomorrow. We must say to the Lord, “Let me love You, my Lord and my God, and see myself as I really am: a pilgrim in this world, a Christian called to fulfill the vocation that You have given me. Make me realize that only You are enough.”  

We must remember to not tell God constantly what we want, but rather ask Him what He wants. Let the Lord do with you whatever He wants. Our loving Father knows what is best for us and we his children have to realize that He can take better care of us that we can take care of ourselves. Our Lord will not make us do something that we do not have the ability to do. He will not give us a vocation that is impossible for us to fulfill. Therefore, our hearts have to be wide open to the will of the Lord, we have to let ourselves by chosen. Only by doing this will we be happy.


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