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Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  What she said was, “If you take care of God’s things, He’ll take care of your things.” She was convinced and lived that way.


Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  She didn't want us to wander astray or to sink into our selfishness for not taking that leap of generosity.


Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  Her words were fire and lacked human respect. What she sought was the salvation of the young people's souls.


Maureen Kall, Jacksonville, Florida:  I was teaching Kindergarten and Sr. Clare would come in weekly to teach my class. I remember when my oldest daughter Kylie was accepted into the theater department at NYU.


Maureen Lawrence, USA:  This sweet, innocent boy thought the kind sister, dressed all in white, teaching him about God, was his own personal angel… and now she is.

Hna. Clare con un niño en Ecuador

Tamara Ximena Tacuri Morales, Ecuador:  I loved talking to her because when I was with her, I saw in her gaze a great interest in everything we spoke about. 


María Vergara, Ecuador:  Each one of the girls gave of themselves totally because they had so much to give.

La comunidad de Valencia

Sr. Isabel Cuesta, SHM, Spain:  Her classic response was: "Sure! Of course!"

Hna. Isabel con la Hna. Clare

Sr. Isabel Cuesta, SHM, Spain:  They always saw everything that she said to them as the most normal thing in the world.

Hna. Isabel andando con la Hna. Clare

Sr. Isabel Cuesta, SHM (Spain): I found her outside of the Church talking with a friend. She couldn’t stop repeating in her unique accent, “I love Him; I love Him.”

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