Sr. Gema, S.H.M.:

hGemaShe had a special gift to make people laugh and bring joy to people’s lives.

Julia McCambridge:

juliamccambridgeHer conviction to love in every way, at each moment, was and still is inspiring.

Una Gallagher:

unagallagerFor her family and for all those who were close to her, it must be very consoling to know that she took the right decision; she was so happy and did so much good.

Ana Moro Martín:

anamoroShe had so many qualities and, above all, she was very funny!


silviaSeeing what the Lord has done with her amazes me and fills me with joy.

Aura Cristina:

auracristinadeverdadSr. Clare had such a great joy that one’s soul was filled with a desire to love the Lord and follow Him.

Fr. Colum Power, S.H.M.

pcolumokFr. Colum Power, S.H.M., Ireland,redacted an outline of Sr. Clare Crockett's life a few days after the earthquake hit in Ecuador on April 16th, 2016.

Fr. Kevin Deakon, SHM:

p.kevinI wanted to thank her for all she had done, especially for the music and singing… and with a spontaneous wave of the hand she just answered: "It's all for the glory of God".

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