Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:  Sr. Clare was always ready to laugh, smile, start a new conversation or tell a funny story, but she was never superficial.

Sr. Kelai Reno met Sr. Clare shortly after Sr. Kelai’s entrance into the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. Sr. Clare’s example marked her deeply. Below, Sr. Kelai shares her first memories of Sr. Clare, translating for Sr. Kelai in order to integrate the young candidate into community life.

Kelai (Sr. Clare is sitting at her right)

When I was a candidate, Sr. Clare was my translator because I didn’t speak Spanish yet. She always translated for me: during meals, activities and all the time I spent with the sisters.

Now that I am a sister and have had to help translate, I realize that translating can become really tiring, especially when I have to do it so often. It can also be tiring because you cannot just enjoy the conversation, because you are doing a service. She never made me feel that it weighed heavily on her. Quite the contrary, she always did it with so much charity, making an effort to help me understand everything as well as explaining extra details so that I would understand the story better.

Every day you could tell that she wanted to bring joy to others. She was always ready to laugh, smile, start a new conversation, or tell something funny, but she was never superficial.


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