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Sr. Susan Joost, SHM, Jacksonville, USA:  What she said was, “If you take care of God’s things, He’ll take care of your things.” She was convinced and lived that way.

This is the third and final part of Sr. Susan Joost’s memories of Sr. Clare. In this article Sr. Susan recounts all of the things that impressed her about Sr. Clare and her way of living religious life.

hnasusan320During the school year of 2009-2010 I had a lot more contact with her. From September 2009 to May 2010, I saw her almost every day. I was nineteen years old and was working at Assumption Catholic School at the time.

For me, Sr. Clare was an example of someone who put all of her gifts completely at God’s service. She sang, acted, imitated… and she was funny, creative, and drew others along. Moreover, even if she didn’t know how to do something, she was willing to go for it and try.

Sr. Clare was everybody’s friend. She loved everyone a lot, and everybody loved her. She got along well with everyone. I loved how she interacted with kids. She always listened to them and was every kid’s friend. She called them, “my friends.” The kids were always happy to see her and share their joys with her. She taught them how to pray and to sing to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.

Sr. Clare was always cheerful. She lived and worked with hope, even though she suffered seeing the incoherence of Christians around her. It also hurt her when she saw how the children at school would suffer due to their parents’ sins.

Sr. Clare loved purity and total surrender. She always encouraged us girls to be real women. She used to correct us sternly if she saw us act or speak in a superficial way, whether by our actions, way of dressing, etc. She always spoke to you about God and encouraged you to be holy. Yet at the same time she was capable of doing any silly thing whatsoever just to make you laugh. She knew how to make light of little things with her sense of humor, but never did so in a superficial or insensitive way. She sought the form to make everyone laugh. She was great!

Regarding her relationship with the other sisters, it really drew my attention how she always made them laugh. She was always making others happy. I was also impressed by how she obeyed and loved her religious vocation. Since she was going to take her perpetual vows in September 2010, the topic came up frequently in conversation that year. Sr. Clare always expressed her excitement as well as the responsibility she felt before God to respond to His call.

At that time I was restless about my vocation. During a walking pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine, FL, I was talking to Sr. Clare about my fears or “impediments” that I had to follow my vocation. What she said was, “If you take care of God’s things, He’ll take care of your things.” She was convinced and lived that way.


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