Kelly Nance

Kelly Nance, USA:  I remember when you came to Assumption. How wonderful it was to see you playing with all of the children!

Kelly Nance

Kelly Nance met Sr. Clare at Assumption Parish in Jacksonville, FL. She has sent us her memories of Sr. Clare through a letter addressed to Sr. Clare. The words are full of love and gratitude for the spiritual benefit she received from Sister, and, above all, for the good she did to her children, one of whom Sr. Clare prepared for his First Holy Communion.

Hna. Clare delante del Santisimo con niños

Dear Sister Clare,

I remember when you came to Assumption. How wonderful it was to see you playing with all of the children! I think you even had a water balloon fight with Reilly at a girls’ Retreat. You always had a smile on your face and you definitely would get the teachers all involved at faculty meetings! I loved your games and activities. You always would make me laugh.

I was always pregnant so of course you nicknamed me "Mama Bear." You had such a wonderful sense of humor, but, at the same time, such a love for Our Lord and such a strong devotion to Mama Mary. I remember you greatly encouraged me to watch “The Passion” for my Lenten sacrifice. You inspired me and my family to be better people.

You did an amazing job with the second graders for the First Communion preparation! Jake's class was the first class to do Rosary Club. You encouraged them to be the founders of this wonderful program that is still in practice at Assumption 7 years later!

I remember going to your chapel in the Convent for adoration. I remember that year that particular group of second graders were filled with the Holy Spirit in a way that is even hard to describe. They humbled themselves and bowed their heads as they walked to receive the Lord for the first time in Holy Communion. I thank you for encouraging my children to grow closer to our Lord.

You sent a video message to Jake a few weeks ago. The video stopped right at the point when you were going to share your message. He has been wondering what your message was. We have talked it about it often. We think that it is to stay close to the Lord, that our lives should be used to help others, and that we should share the love of our Lord with others in our lives.

I selfishly could not say goodbye to you when you left the U.S., but I am in awe of all the work you did in Spain and Ecuador. There are words to a song that made me think of you. You talked about giving up being an actress and making the right decision to give your life to the Lord.  The words from the song are: "You are on your Father’s stage and your applause came from Him above."

Thank you for loving me, loving my family, and all those people that you met in your journey. Thank you for being my dear friend. You have forever touched our lives.

Kelly Nance


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