Sr Clare with Our Lady

Sr. Michelle Klobe (USA):  The morning after the earthquake, I spoke to her interiorly, asking her if it was true that the Our Lady comes to take us up to Heaven with Her. I felt like she said, "Yes, sister, it's true."

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The sister Michelle Klobe is from the USA. She shares her memories of Sr. Clare, emphasizing Sr. Clare’s constant effort to always give more to the Lord. The last short anecdote, the day after the death of Sr. Clare, is especially beautiful.

In the spring of 2009, I was finishing my studies in Steubenville, OH. A group of sisters and candidates came from Florida to visit me. Sr. Clare led a meeting with some girls from my University about lukewarmness. She said that it was unbelievable that in a Catholic university students prefer to go shopping or watch a TV show instead of going to Mass. She couldn’t understand that, having the Lord is so close in the university’s chapel, people didn’t take advantage to go and see Him. She could not understand lukewarmness and mediocrity.

When I was a novice, in 2011, Sr. Clare spent a few months in our motherhouse, near the novitiate. She was always with the novices, and we were delighted, not only because she was so hilarious, but also because she was so spiritual. At a community meeting, Father was talking about giving "a little bit more." [Note: This is a reference to Fr. Segundo Llorente, who said that the difference between a good person and a holy person is that a holy person gives that “little bit more,” finding ways to be a little bit more generous in everyday tasks.] Some sisters gave examples of how to give a little more. Sr. Clare gave this example: when, after eating, everyone helps to clear the table, instead of bringing something to the kitchen and that's it, you can go back to the dining room and finish picking up. She said laughingly that, "There is always something left." We already knew what happened after lunch: we would find her in the dining room, picking things up and joking around. In another meeting, the Father told us to make some spiritual application of what we had been doing that day. We had been excavating to build the extension of the novitiate. Sr. Clare said that the phrase we heard repeated over and over all day long was, "A little deeper! A little deeper!" Sr. Clare realized that we should always deepen our vision of things, to see them in God, going beyond what is superficial and shallow. She insisted that we should always deepen our spiritual life and not be content with just doing the minimum.

hna. Clare 2009At one point, I was going through a phase where I was always distracted by thoughts about a particular topic. One day, I was talking with a small group of sisters in the entrance, right outside the chapel. Sr. Clare was saying something, and suddenly, she said something that was just the answer I needed to hear, even though it had nothing to do with what she was talking about. When she realized it, she said something like, "I don’t know why I just said that..." I thought to myself, "Because the Lord wanted to use you to speak to me."

She really loved the Virgin Mary. One day she told me that in the book of Wisdom, chapters 7 and 8, everything refers to the Virgin, because, as it says there: "Whoever loves her, sees her in everything."

On her birthday, November 14, 2015, we were talking in a video chat with all the Sisters in the different communities. Mother Ana, our Superior General, invited her to speak, asking her about joy, and how she conveyed it. Sr. Clare responded by saying that although she was joyful and always tried to bring joy to others, she felt that the Lord was asking her for more.

The morning after the earthquake, I spoke to her interiorly, asking her if it was true that the Our Lady comes to take us up to Heaven with Her. I felt like she said, "Yes, sister, it's true."


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