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“Oh Mom, There’s My Angel… Hi Sr. Clare."


Maureen Lawrence, USA:  This sweet, innocent boy thought the kind sister, dressed all in white, teaching him about God, was his own personal angel… and now she is.

Maureen Lawrence from Assumption Parish in Jacksonville, FL, tells us a cute story taken place between her son Charlie and Sr. Clare... She is convinced that, after sister's death, the story has become reality in some way.

Dear Sisters and the family of Sister Clare:

My family and I have such fond memories of Sr. Clare. We first met her when our oldest child, Charlie, was in the Pre-K 4 class. We had belonged to the parish for about 3 years, but we had 3 young children, so we were not overly involved.

I have a very sweet story that I have shared with many people the last few years. Whenever Sr. Clare’s name came up, and it did often around here, I tell how Charlie called her “my angel.”

After a few weeks into his first year here at Assumption he came home from school and told me he saw an angel. Knowing there were pictures and statues galore, I did not really think anything of it. I told him how sweet that was and angels are a gift from God to guide and protect us.

Then another week or so went by and a similar conversation occurred. I picked him up from school and our routine was: when we got home I would put his 2 little sisters down for a nap and we would play and talk. Again, he told me how he saw an angel at school. Since he brought it up again I probed a bit deeper.  “Where did you see this angel?” “She visits me sometimes when I am at school.  She likes to talk to me about God.” (I did not know yet that the Sisters came in and taught a lesson each week). “Does she have a name?” I asked. “Yes, it is Clare” (he did not say Sister or I would have picked up on this a little quicker). Of course, I thought this was his calling already at the ripe old age of 4. I was ready to sign him up for the Seminary, but then thought this was God’s job, not mine.  

Later on (I don’t remember if is it was a few week’s or a few days) we were walking into school one morning. Coming out of the convent was Sr. Clare.  Charlie says to me, “Oh Mom, there’s my angel… Hi Sr. Clare." That is when it all made sense. This sweet, innocent boy thought the kind sister, dressed all in white, teaching him about God, was his own personal angel… and now she is.

This is a story I recounted numerous times to so many family and friends. We always have and will continue to think of Sr. Clare as an angel to the Lawrence family.

Blessings to all,

Maureen and Lewis Lawrence
Charlie, Emma, Bridget and Elizabeth


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