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The Rosary Club

Sr. Paulette Maes, United States:

Hermana PauletteSr. Clare often explained to the children that praying the rosary was like giving roses to Our Lady.

Sr. Paulette is a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother since 2008. She met Sr. Clare in they year 2004 when she was 14 years old, in Zurita (Cantabria, Spain).

Hermana Clare rezando con niñas

Sr Clare praying with a group of kids in Jacksonville

At Assumption Parish School in Jacksonville, Florida (United States), Sr. Clare taught the children to love Our Lady and pray the rosary. She began a “Rosary Club” with the Second Grade class. She invited them to come up to the Sisters’ chapel one day a week after classes to pray a decade of the rosary. The children asked permission from their parents to stay five minutes longer after school to pray the decade before going home. A small group of children began, but the news went spreading through the whole school. In the end, even the older students wanted to come. The Rosary Club was known by the students as something “cool” and many of them wanted to be a part of it.

Sr. Clare often explained to the children that praying the rosary was like giving roses to Our Lady. One day, with the First Grade class, she brought them to the courtyard outside. They all sat down in a circle, and she took the long twenty-decade rosary that dangled from her belt, so that each of the children could hold a part of it while they prayed. Before she began, she told them: “Hey, do you know what? Each Hail Mary that we pray is like giving a rose to Mary. That makes her really happy. And with each rose that we give her, it is like taking a thorn out of her heart”. And with this, the children put all the concentration they could to give this gift to Our Lady.


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