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I Talk to Her When I’m Upset

Sr. Clare in Class

Cristofer Bravo:  I always have her with me: in a photo or on my cell phone. Her smile always reminds me: All or nothing!

Cristofer Bravo was one of Sr. Clare’s students at the school in Playa Prieta. In this moving testimony he speaks about Sr. Clare and how she, along with the community of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother who took him in at Holy Family Educational Center, marked his childhood.

A lot of time has gone by since A 16 (Note: April 16, 2016 - The earthquake Sr. Clare passed away in). But you know what? Sr. Clare’s last smile and Valeria’s last words marked me… It’s as if they were telling me, “Change that.” They will always live in my mind and in my heart. When I’m upset, I bring to mind a memory of Sr. Clare and talk to her. This calms me down. She taught me that big teeth are for smiling, and that the best part of life is being with God and reaching your goals.

I miss her a lot! I wish I could go back in time and talk to her again! I always have her with me: in a photo or on my cell phone. Her smile always reminds me: All or nothing!

The Home of the Mother helped me a lot when I was little. It taught me many things, and even though I’m not so close or a kid anymore, I know where I come from and who helped me:

- Sr. Mercedes 
- Sr. Virginia 
- Sr. Paqui 
- Sr. Ruth

Lastly, the one who taught me a lot in little time: my famous nun, my Sr. Clare...

They gave me my education, a scholarship, food, and the love my parents couldn’t give me. With the sisters and my grandparents, I grew up without vices. I know what I want to be, and I have goals and objectives. I also have defects and affections, but I will never forget the ones who helped me one day when I didn’t know how to defend myself at just six years old. The sisters were—and will be—my defenders. They are the ones I met at the right moment and at perfect timing.


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