Sr. Clare and Children

Carlos:  “She filled our void. She is an angel protectress for my family.”
“We met the Home because of her. We met a new and joyful family, made up of persons who touch our heart.”

Carlos and Magaly are a married couple from Guayaquil who met Sr. Clare in 2012. Meeting her was the decisive push for them to get married, because they were not husband and wife at the time.

When we met her, she immediately asked us if we were married. When we said no, she invited us to attend the Home of the Mother meetings for laity. Our oldest child, who was preparing for his First Holy Communion, had the desire to see us receive Communion with him on that special day, and he expressed this wish with the Sisters. They did not hesitate to ask us about it and encourage us to get married. Our economic situation held us back, but when we found out, through Fr. José Javier, SHM, that we did not have to spend money, we began the process. We also received the surprise that Fr. Rafael was going to marry us on October 11, 2014. We were the first Home of the Mother couple to get married in Guayaquil.

In our relationship with Sr. Clare, we could immediately see that she was a very happy person—she was always smiling. Whenever she saw us, she would say, “Magaly! Carlos! How are you? How are your kids? Cool! Let’s go to Mass! Let’s go to Mass! Let’s go to Mass!” Listening to her sing in the choir helped us a lot; it filled us.

In dealing with others, we saw how people were important to her. She drew them. Her charisma and way of being attracted their attention. She was a magnet, a very charismatic person, well-formed religious Sister, and very focused on her vocation. Her faith and her surrender to God and the Virgin Mary were strong. We still think about her when we sing, at the meetings. She was always happy! She was always happy! She gave us so much good advice! We still laugh as we remember the stories she told us!

We would also like to point out her integrity and simplicity. She brought everyone she could to church. You could tell that she did that for God and Our Blessed Mother. Her cry was, “Let’s move forward! Let’s move forward!” She always encouraged us.

When we went to the chapel in Playa Prieta to the place where she passed away, we felt her presence. It’s as if you can see her there. When we suffer or have difficulties, we go to her and to the Virgin Mary. She helps us a lot, and we know that she will continue to do so.


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