Katherine Cobeña:  I could say anything to her and I knew she would never judge me.

Katherine Cobeña is a member of the Home of the Mother Youth. She shares her memories of Sr. Clare, whom she met for the first time in 2013 on a missionary trip to Puyo. Sr. Clare had also been her teacher at Holy Family Educational Center, in Playa Prieta, Ecuador.

I saw Sr. Clare on a daily basis, not only because I was a student of hers, but also because I went to daily Mass with the Sisters. I trusted her a lot. I could tell her anything or talk to her about any topic. She always listened to me and was available to help me. When she had to correct me for something, she did not hesitate to do so. She was very radical, and this radicalism impressed me very much.

She was a dedicated, helpful, and generous person and always attentive to people who might need her help. What's more, she noticed when something happened to you, she showed that she cared. It was incredible how easily she could bring a smile to the faces of the sick when we went to visit them.

At Puyo

I was also impressed by her obedience. Even if she didn't know how to do what she was being asked to do very well, she gave her all. She was a faith-filled woman who practiced what she said.

I admired her patience, as she had to tutor a very, very difficult class. She was always looking out for them, and although I am sure that on more than one occasion she thought about throwing in the towel, she continued to work with them. She gained their trust and they had no problem telling her things. In her daily dedication at school to be able to deal with so many children who sought her out, pulling at her habit to get her attention, it was evident that she lived in constant union with God, and this gave her the strength to live all this with joy and constant availability.

She was always joyful and always happy. Although I knew that she suffered from migraines, that she wore herself out in class with the children and ended up very tired, I never saw her complain. I could tell that her joy was supernatural and that it came from God, not come from her alone. She stood out in many virtues.  She was an extraordinary sister.


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