Katherin and Servant Sisters

Katherin:  When we talked, just a few of her words changed things in me without me realizing it. She helped me a lot, which doesn’t happen with many people.

Sr. Clare was 13-year-old’s Katherin’s teacher at Holy Family Educational Center in Playa Prieta, Ecuador. Katherin also asked Sr. Clare to be her spiritual guide, which greatly helped her in her faith life.

I’m 19 and I live in San Gabriel. I met Sr. Clare in 7th grade when she came to substitute Sr. Ruth in English. I saw her on a daily basis at school, on Saturdays when I went to Mass and at the meetings.

I would describe Sr. Clare as a very dedicated person. I think you could spend the entire day with her and you wouldn’t get bored. By seeing how she interacted with the other students, I also realized that she cared not only about the exterior things—grades, talking with other classmates during class—but she also cared about their spiritual life.

She was like a friend and mother to me. She always corrected me and encouraged me not to give up. When we talked, just a few of her words changed things in me without me realizing it. She helped me a lot, which doesn’t happen with many people. Normally when someone talks to me, I have to analyze what he or she says and think if I’m sure about the idea then decide if I do what I was told. Not with Sr. Clare; just listening to her changed something in you.

When we went to the Sunday meetings, we always began with a time of prayer. I was always late and arrived when they had already started singing in the chapel. Sr. Clare sang so well! There was no one like her. Her voice poured forth from her soul, and she sang songs with very profound lyrics.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so joyful and fun like her. However, while she was all these things she also showed that God was in her heart.

I witnessed her patience on several occasions. When we were in 9th grade, my class was horrible. No one wanted to be with us. And Sr. Clare was the one there. Everyone looked forward to English class. I remember that we hated when we had two hours of the same subject, but when this happened with Sr. Clare we always looked forward to it.

Her charity and love for souls also really stood out in her. You could see that during recess. The most rebellious kids always looked for her to talk to her, and she always, always gave them the answer to their problems. On Sundays, too, after the meetings, we always played soccer. She was the only sister who always played and made us laugh. We were little, and it probably wasn’t that fun to play with us, but she was always, always there.

I didn’t know that she had migraines. She always, always had a smile on her face. She always looked happy. Obviously, there were probably times when she was angry, because someone got her upset. But she was almost always smiling. She was also always making others laugh and smile.

Once Sr. Clare heard something about me that wasn’t true and she believed it. I got really angry, because it was a lie and she believed others instead of me. That afternoon after school, I went to the sisters’ house and rang the doorbell. Sr. Clare answered the door. I think if it were anyone else with a position of authority—a superior or another teacher—she wouldn’t have admitted her mistake, but she did. She realized that what she had been told was a lie, and she accepted it. That satisfied me, because even though she was a sister she realized that she made mistakes too. She was aware of her littleness. She gave me an holy card of Our Lady with a quote that said, “I trust.”

I remember going into the chapel one afternoon and she was there on her knees. You could see that she was praying very fervently! You could see how—I don’t know—angels were lifting her up to Heaven. Literally! There was really a big difference. Outside she was very joyful, alert and lively, but in the chapel she was a different Sr. Clare.

The last thing I want to say is that I’m absolutely sure that she is in Heaven.


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