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Ruth Briones, Ecuador:  She always told us, “We have to give everything for God, not half-way.”

Ruth Briones, from Guayaquil, Ecuador, wishes to reaffirm how appropriately the phrase, “All or nothing,” defines Sr. Clare. She admits that sister’s death has supposed a complete change in her own life.

Hello, good afternoon. My name is Ruth Briones. I would just like to affirm the truth of the sentence that defines Sr. Clare: “All or nothing.” Knowing her was truly a great blessing. My first impression of her was that she was a DIFFERENT kind of nun. We usually retrieve good and beautiful things about people once they are gone, but she truly reflected nothing but love of God. With children, that goes without saying!

hna clare coro

She directed us in Our Lady of Loreto Parish’s choir in Guayaquil, Ecuador for nearly two years. On several occasions, she had to scold us harshly since we became distracted quite often. She always told us, “We have to give everything for God, not half-way.” She also said, “If you want to give everything to God, do it with love!”


Nonetheless, she was a very, very joyful sister. When the earthquake took place and I heard about her death, a lot changed in me, really. Remembering that God alone has the power to decide in our life and how long we are here for, made me think a lot, above all for having seen so in sister’s life.

At first I was very sad. She was so special and dear to me. She always told me, “The day you get married, I’ll sing at your wedding.” That made me very happy. For me, there was no greater privilege. After Sr. Clare’s death I felt something like a sharp pain in my chest. Yet a little while ago something very special happened to me. I was listening to sister’s songs on the bus, coming home from work. I felt her presence very closely, as if she were there singing at my side. Immediately, that anguish that I felt in my heart settled down.

I would truly like to bear witness that Sr. Clare’s religious life was an example to continue onward to give everything for God alone.



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