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Gema Dayana Vergara Espinoza, Ecuador: Her way of helping souls grow close to God and Our Lady was really attractive.

gema vergaraGema is from Ecuador and belongs to the Home of the Mother of the Youth. She met Sr. Clare during her time there.



Sr. Clare giving points of meditation

I liked Sr. Clare from the first moment that I met her. Her way of helping souls grow close to God and Our Lady was really attractive. I liked talking with her. I felt that she had a great gift that the Lord had given her. 

When I heard her vocation story, I admired that fact that she had left all of her worldly plans to follow God. She was destined to follow that path. It was amazing to see her always joyful, making us laugh, and telling us parables like “the lost sheep.” You never could tell if she was tired; on the contrary, she was always ready to help others. 

She encouraged me in the moments that were difficult for me during camp. She would guide me with just a smile, and I understood that I had to have a better attitude regarding God’s plans.

During a pilgrimage to Cajas (Cuenca, Ecuador) she hugged me and asked me if I was happy doing what the Lord asked of me in each moment. I said yes, and she answered, “That’s great! We always have to say, “YES” to Our Lord, and, “NO,” to the Devil. Look, you have the opportunity to be here, take advantage of it. I’m praying for you. Your mom always asks me to. Fight to be a saint!!”

I admit that it is painful to not have her among us. During these months that have gone by, I have started to understand that God allows these things to make us stronger in our love for Him, so that we understand that, without Him, we are nothing. 

There is a phrase that has helped me a lot since I was fourteen and I lost one of the most important persons in my life. One of the candidates from Chone, who is now a sister, taught it to me. She told me to repeat it in painful moments, when I couldn’t understand things. It goes like this: “Thank you, Lord, for everything that you give me and thank you for everything that you take away; because everything that you give and everything that you take away proceeds from your love. If it proceeds from your love, then it is for the good of my soul.”


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