Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno Listening to her conversion story helped me trust in God’s power more. My soul felt an increase of peace knowing what she had lived before and seeing her now, and what the Lord had done in her.

Sandra and Sr. Clare on a Bus

Sr. Sandra Galarza:  From the moment I met her I noticed that she was full of gifts that she did not keep to herself; she developed them to serve her community.


Roxana Chimbo:  Sr. Clare said to me, "Hopefully someday you will have the courage to choose God over your friends."


Jackelin Zambrano:  What drew my attention was her willingness to do whatever the Lord asked of her.

Sr. Clare

Iría and Carlos  We were marked by the sincerity of her conversion and by her clarity when she spoke about God's love.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno  Sr. Clare prayed in his ear so that he could hear. She said things to help him prepare his soul to die and encounter God.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:   Sr. Clare didn't want the patients to miss Mass, so we went to their rooms and brought them in their wheelchairs. Sometimes we even took the patients' entire bed to the chapel because the porters had not put them in the wheelchair.

Sr. Clare and Sr. Kelai at the hospital

Sr. Kelai RenoSr. Clare and I were walking down the hallway trying to get our bearings when all of a sudden we saw a woman coming toward us, crying.

Carolina Aveiga

Carolina Aveiga. Ecuador:  It really hurt Sr. Clare when someone did not do God’s will, because she loved the Lord and every soul, too.

Sr. Kelai

Sr. Kelai Reno:  Sr. Clare was always ready to laugh, smile, start a new conversation or tell a funny story, but she was never superficial.

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