When I Was LittleWhen I Was Little
Stories by Sister Clare Crockett, Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother

This is a book we are sure sure you’ll love. In it you’ll find stories written by Sister Clare, who God gifted with so many talents. Ever since she was little, she liked to recite poems, sing, act, dance and make up stories, like the ones you have in your hands. When she grew up and consecrated herself to God, she wrote these stories thinking of you. She wanted to make you laugh and to help you to not make the same mistakes she did when she was little.

Her sisters, Shauna and Megan, assure us that many of these narratives are based on true stories. At the same time, we must nevertheless keep in mind that Sister Clare used a lot of imagination when she wrote them.

We hope you can benefit from these stories! May they encourage you to imitate Sister Clare’s love and generosity. She went from being a mischievous and crazy young girl to being a great friend of God’s.

Pages: 172
Date of publication: April 16, 2022
Price: $11

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