hclareportadaing4EUK Mamie Foundation has published the first biography about Sr. Clare, entitled: Sister Clare Crockett: Alone with Christ Alone.  The book was written by Sister Kristen Gardner, SHM, who was also responsible for the production of the documentary All or Nothing: Sister Clare CrockettThe book has 428 pages and includes many of Sr. Clare's personal writings.

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Ireland - EUK Mamie Foundation (Color edition) - 13 €
United States - New Hope Publications - (Color edition) 
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€ EUR 16.00

Information on the Spanish version of the book is available here.

The photos included in the book can be viewed or downloaded in color here

The young Clare Crockett, who aspired to nothing less than walking down the red carpet in Hollywood, left all of her dreams aside on one Good Friday after an encounter with Christ Crucified. When she was seventeen years old, the Lord transformed her soul and she no longer desired to have anything other than the Love of Christ. The desire of her soul to belong to Christ alone –to live alone with Christ Alone– led her to consecrate her life in the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother and to give of herself with complete generosity.

Her overwhelming joy led many souls, especially of young people, to discover true happiness which can be found in God alone. Her coherent lifestyle and her total surrender in the apostolic works that she carried out in Spain, the United States and Ecuador, made the message very clear to all that God alone can satisfy the human heart.

On April 16, 2016, an earthquake in Ecuador caused the community’s house to collapse, which led Sr. Clare to her definitive encounter with Christ Alone.

“I am so, so, so happy! Even though there are days when many things are hard for me, it is worth giving one’s life to God, who is so great! This is what my heart has always desired and that no human love, plan or thing could ever fill.” -Sr. Clare Crockett, SHM


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