Who could have told Valeria that one day her story would be translated into English?


Maria Reyna: What I like about Valeria is that she had a transparent smile and a gaze.


Sr. Emma Maria Haynes, SHM:  I had the conviction that, like St. Dominic Savio had been a role model for Valeria, she was going to be so for many others.


Isabel Reina, Ecuador:  I've seen pictures of her, and her pure gaze and her sincere smile impress me. She has a very tender gaze and shows an incomparable purity.


Sr. Reme Rodrigeuz, SHM, and Sr. Conchi Garcia del Pino, SHM:  The abortion would take place at 9 a.m. the next day. Sr. Conchi, after speaking with Conchita, went through the house asking all the sisters she found to pray.

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Kaitlyn Manson, USA: Valeria's testimony is the one that was really enforced and truly inspiring.

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Maria Vergara, Ecuador:  I encourage you to call upon these holy young women who, by living a life of grace, have encountered God and continue to help us from heaven.

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Martha Cecilia Gomez, Colombia:  There must be something very, very special deep inside of her.

Amanda Lee Zi Yi, Singapore:

Amanda Lee Zi Yi de Singapur"Valeria reminded me that my greatest mission is to be a Saint. It encouraged me in my vocation to the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother."


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