María Cristina Pinargote, Ecuador:

cristina p" In that moment, Valeria came in. When she found out what my dilemma was, she suggested that I could offer it up."

Sr. Virginia Jiménez, Spain:

hna virginia She was observant, silent, responsible, always with a big smile, looking out for everyone… The teachers loved her a lot.

Michaela Decker:

michaela deckerI remember her as someone who was filled with love for Jesus and Mary.

Carolina Aveiga, Ecuador:

carolina aveiga“The girl with eyes that can read your soul.”

Sr. Kelly Pezo, SHM:

Hna Kelly Pezo, SHM

Valeria didn't like those kinds of parties. That's why the sisters, girls and other members of the Home of the Mother, organized a different kind of party for her.

Sandra Galarza:


Valeria had a very special gaze that conveyed so much peace. I think that’s because her gaze reflected God.

Aura Cristina:

auracristinadeverdadValeria was young but had a great soul. She often said that she couldn’t deny the Lord anything.


domenica“The best thing I’ve done is say “Yes” to the Lord.” That sentence impressed me so much, coming from a 15 year old girl so in love with the Lord.


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