valeria habitorosa

Benjamin Fenlon, UK: This photo is a treasure of Providence.

karla grande

Karla Jiménez, Ecuador: "Simply reading what other people say about her motivates me to live in perfect charity, giving a constant “yes” to God."

hna ruthmariagrande

Sr. Ruth María O’Callaghan, Ireland: From the moment I met her, her desire was always “to belong completely to the Lord and to Our Lady.”

valeria800 390

She knew how to give me advice. Since we were the same age, I completely trusted in her and felt like she could understand me.

Guadalupe Isabel Cedeño Ruiz, Ecuador:

guadalupeWe have to look at the present and try to live it well because we don’t know if there will be a tomorrow…

Gema Rodriguez, Ecuador:

gema rodriguez valeria

Andrea Alonzo Cedeño, Ecuador:

AndreaShe had a magnanimous soul filled with God’s love.

Jessenia Salvatierra, Ecuador:

jesseniaShe said it was impossible to deny anything to Someone who deserves everything we have.

Jackelin Zambrano, Ecuador:

jackelin zambranoI found a friend in her. She encouraged me to do God’s will and helped rid me of my doubts

Erika Tuárez, Ecuador:

erikatuarezShe was the one who tried the hardest to be pleasing the Lord.

Maryerlin, Ecuador:

maryerlinValeria, whom I affectionately called Valerita, was my classmate, good friend, sister, and guide.

Karolina Vera, Ecuador:

karolina veraShe “hated” the things of the world, sin…


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