Andrea Stans:  During breaks, Valeria went to the chapel. I would spend most or all of recess playing soccer or talking to my friends. While I played, I would see her pass by to visit Jesus.


 "A very generous friend and very selfless." Valeria certainly was a good friend, because she sought her friends' good.

valeria es un modelo800

While we were there, Valeria was very present. There was peace, and we felt as if she was smiling at us.

Valeria with a Group of Friends

Sr. Merly Alcivar, Ecuador:  From that moment she lived for God alone. All of her daily activities were always done joyfully out of love for Him and Our Blessed Mother. 


Sr. Merly Alcivar, Ecuador:  The time she would have to wait to enter the Servant Sisters didn’t matter to her (she was too young to enter, being barely thirteen at the time).

Hna. Estela

Sr. Estela Morales, SHM:  Valeria irradiated goodness and had a very serene joy.

Valeria, Marta y Almudena

Sr. Merly Alcibar, SHM:  One day when a Sister came into the classroom, it was as if everything stopped around her, and she wanted to yell out to her classmates that God had called her to be one of them.

Hna. Merly

Sr. Merly Alcibar, SHM:  She never slackened in her commitments. She was a soul in love with the Heart of Jesus.

On May 14th, 2015, Valeria celebrated her last birthday here on earth. She turned 15. Her friends made her this simple video as a gift.

La fiesta de quinceañera de Valeria
If you want to have enough strength to continue, you have to do prayer, pray the Rosary, and go to Mass. If you know you’re not doing well, you have to seek help.

Valeria rodeada de hermanas
Sr. Merly Alcybar, SHM:  She saw her vocation not as a burden, but a gift. She was thirteen years old at the time.

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Sr. Emma Sympson, USA: What they say about her eyes is true.


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