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"This Is the Devil's Work, Don't You See?"

Erika with the girls and candidates

Erika Moreira, Ecuador:  Mayra always had a great trust in the Lord, at all times. When she had problems at home, she always told us: "The Lord has to help me; it is His duty," and then she laughed.

ErikaErika Moreira is from Chone, Ecuador, and she met Mayra and Jazmina when the three of them were quite young. She cannot write about one without including the other. She shares memories of her dear friends, especially the last conversations she had with Jazmina in the summer camp that took place just weeks before Jazmina's death.

I am going to write about Mayra and Jazmina at the same time, because I can't write about one without the other. We met when we were little because my mother and Jazmina's mother were good friends. We always spent Sundays together. And since Mayra lived right in front of Jazz's (Jazmina's) house, we often went out to play together. We spent our afternoons playing and laughing. One of the things I remember most about Jazz when she was little was her joy. And when she wanted something, she got it!

And I remember that Mayra always liked to help others. From a very young age, she helped her mother at home; she was very hard-working. She didn't like to sit around and do nothing. She was always thinking about others.

As we grew, we stopped seeing each other so often. Suddenly, one day, we saw each other in a Home of the Mother meeting. I couldn't believe they were there, because I had never dared to tell them that I was part of a youth group. After that day, we often made plans to go to the Sisters' house together. When I went to live at the Residence for students (also known as Resi, run by the Home of the Mother), I remember writing letters and keeping in touch with them. That continued until I left the Resi and totally distanced myself from the Home of the Mother. But every time I met Mayra and Jazmina, they somehow reminded me of God.

The last time I saw them was in a summer camp. I hadn't heard from them for quite a while, but my reunion with them was very special... not only my reunion with them, but with all the girls. During that camp I spoke with Jazmina a lot. I remember something she said to me, "Erika, when are you going to start walking on the right path and stop living badly?" She was really serious when she said it. That night we played a game. It was like a "haunted house" with the seven deadly sins. She, along with another girl, pretended to be little demons. Jazmina was behind me the whole game, making me fall and shouting at me: "This is the devil´s work on you, don't you see?" Those words can't be erased and they helped me a lot.

Mayra always had a great trust in the Lord, at all times. When she had problems at home, she always told us: "The Lord has to help me; it is His duty," and then she laughed.

I cannot deny that, since they left, they haven't stopped helping me and interceding for me.


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