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This Girl Wasn't Afraid of Anything!

Sr. Kelly M Pezo, USA:

hnakelly mayraMayra loved the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. She kept a holy card of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, with her, and said that every time she looked at Him, she fell in love.

Sr. Kelly Pezo, Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother, born in Connecticut, USA. She has been serving in our communities in Ecuador for 3 years.

I’m going to tell a few anecdotes about Mayra so you can get to know her a bit better.

In Chone there isn’t a very good environment among the youth. A young woman, just walking down the street, is often invited by young men to do dishonest things, even by men who don’t know her. That happened to Mayra one day. It was about a year before she entered the Servant Sisters as an aspirant. A young man looked at her and said, “Come take a walk with me.” That is what they say when they want to take advantage of someone. She wasn’t the type of girl that would stand that type of comment. With all the fire she had inside, she responded, “Take your dog for a walk! I already have a Master.” We know that when she said “Master” she meant Jesus, her Good Shepherd.

Estampita del Buen Pastor de Mayra

Mayra loved the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. She kept a holy card of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, with her, and said that every time she looked at Him, she fell in love. It is the same picture that is in this article.

I was amazed when it was confirmed that she died on Good Shepherd Sunday. When she truly saw the Good Shepherd, she must have fallen in love with Him fully!

Another anecdote I remember was before the missionary trip to Puyo in 2014. Mayra and Jazmina came to our house for a Missionary Rosary in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. It was October 7. The two of them had decided to take a shortcut. While they were on the street behind their university, some guys on bikes assaulted them with knives in hand to rob their phones. They went up behind Mayra and held a knife to her abdomen, touching her everywhere to try to find her cellphone, but they couldn’t find it. She didn’t back down before the robbers to give them what they wanted. She looked straight in their eyes and confronted them, saying, “What?! What do you want?!” Jazmina, on the other hand, was scared to death. They did find her phone… it was brand new, and they stole it from her. Jazmina told us afterwards that she could only think that she wasn’t prepared to die. They called the police, and a policeman came almost immediately. Mayra said that she was going to accompany the policeman to go find the robber because she would be able to recognize him. Jazmina couldn’t believe it. She said, “One day, both of us are going to get killed because of her! She isn’t afraid of anything.” Later, when she was calm, Jazmina laughed about Mayra’s cheap cellphone. “If the robber had found your phone, he would have given you a dollar to fix it!”


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