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Carolina Aveiga, Chone, Ecuador: I remember Mayra talking with a transcendent smile.

Carolina Aveiga from Chone, Ecuador, remembers a very lively moment with her good friend Mayra that was very significant in the unfolding of Mayra’s vocation. Everything began when a sister told her vocation story at lunch, which gave Mayra the key to understanding why she wasn’t able to see her vocation clearly.

We had gone to Guayaquil to celebrate the solemnity of Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin for the first time. A group of American volunteers, Jazmina, Mayra and I were with the Sisters from Chone.

When we were on our way back, we stopped to eat lunch in Playa Prieta, because we had to drop the group of American girls off that had been on a mission trip. At lunchtime, one of the sisters told her vocation story. She explained how the scene in the Passion by Mel Gibson, where Jesus is on the cross between two robbers and how a bird ate the eyes of one of them, was enlightening for her. The sister said that a priest had explained that this happened “because he didn’t want to see. He became blind because he didn’t want to see.” Mayra, at the time, was having difficulties with her vocation, but this anecdote was a sign for her, because she understood that she had been thinking about it so much that she doubted if she had the vocation to be a Servant Sister or not.

Jazmina, Mayra and I rode in the bed of the pick-up truck on our way back to Chone. We were talking about prayer and the Virgin Mary, and then we suddenly found ourselves talking about vocation, the vocation to be a Servant Sister of the Home of the Mother, to be exact. I remember Mayra talking with a transcendent smile. The Lord had just shown her something. Jazmina, for her part, tried to hide it and didn’t want to talk a lot about the subject.

I asked Mayra if she had a vocation. She laughed and nodded her head. Jazmina spoke first saying, “Yes, Mayra has a vocation. She’s going to be a Servant Sister.” Mayra told us then what I said at the beginning: that the Lord had enlightened her as far as her vocation through what the sister had said at lunch, because she had been so worried about the idea that in the end she wasn’t even sure. She asked me to pray for her a lot so that she would respond quickly.


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