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Sr. Ruby Molayal, Chicago, USA:  They were always joyful and ready to serve.

HRubySr. Ruby Molayal (Chicago, IL) is novice of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. In December of 2015, while still a candidate, she traveled with a group of candidates and Sisters of our community in Jacksonville, FL to spend Christmas with our Sisters and candidates in the communities in Ecuador. During that time, she had the opportunity to live with Maria Augusta, Mayra, Jazmina, and Catalina in the Students’ Residence of the Home of the Mother in Portoviejo, Ecuador. She shares with us her memories and everything that she learned from them.


One thing that really impressed me about the candidates was their unity and readiness to serve always. 

I had the joy of meeting the candidates for the first time this past Christmas. Maria Augusta, Jazmina, and Catalina lived in the Resi together. Mercedes’ injured knee prevented her from traveling and climbing stairs, etc. As a result, she and Mayra stayed at the Sisters’ house, because the Resi was on the third or fourth floor. Since Klarisa and I were visiting, Mercedes and Mayra came to live at the Resi as well, so we could all be together and get to know each other. 

Every time we arrived and left the Resi, Maria Augusta, Myra, Jazmina, and Catalina would take turns carrying Mercedes up and down the three or four flights of stairs. Not only did they perform this selfless act, but they did it with joy too- laughing and smiling the whole time. This was a simple act of charity but it was a great testament to the rich community life they lived, especially since at times it was a struggle in and of itself just to climb up those stairs.

They were examples for me in the realm of living community life. They really helped each other and were supportive in times of need.


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